NDS firmware editing menggunakan Hex Editor


ini dia tutorial buat yang pengen mengubah bahasa (Language) dump firmware secara permanen (buat yang dapat firmware dari internet dan bahasa ngga sesuai ama preferensi).sebelumnya cerita dulu ^_^ kenapa mengubah bahasa, well, kita di indo jelas ngga ada bahasanya sih, tapi kan lebih nyaman make bahasa yang kita inginkan di firmware (dimaenin via No$gba) daripada bahasa ngga jelas ^_^ *ku sendiri awalnya dapat dump firmware dari rekan di forum, yang originalnya dari NDS menggunakan setting bahasa perancis, gila aja. beberapa game terpengaruh ama firmware loh (kalo dimaenin make firmware, kalo via emulator) macam picross, meski aku punya versi US, begitu firmware pake perancis, wuih, langsung deh ingame jadi perancis TT_TT
bisa aja dirubah waktu menu diplay lewat emulator, tapi berhubung dump, save ini ga bisa disimpan permanen, jadi tiap mau maen mesti rubah dulu, trus reset, baru klik gamenya buat ngeplay game TT_TT

nah buat kamu2 yang ngga mau selalu repot gitu kalo maen menggunakan bios dan firmware asli, nih solusinya, meski rada susah diawal, tapi mempermudah kalo udah selesai ^_^

  1. yang pasti harus punya firmware.bin (baca post NDS bios and firmware)
  2. Buka website : On-line CRC calculation and free library
  3. buka firmware.bin menggunakan hex editor pilihan kamu (aku sih make winhex)
  4. browse ke posisi 0x03FE64
  5. ganti nilai 0x02 (french nih) ke bahasa pilihan kamu(0x00 untuk Japanese, 0x01 untuk English, 0x02 untuk French, 0x03 untuk German, 0x04 untuk Italian, 0x05 untuk Spanish)
  6. ke posisi 0x03FF64 dan lakukan hal yang sama dengan nilainya
  7. sekarang salin 70 byte data dari posisi 0x03FE00 (0x03FE00-0x03FE6F) ke website dan generate crc, yang perlu diingat/dilihat hanya CRC-16 (Modbus).sebagai contoh nilai 0x02yang dirubah ke 0x03, akan memiliki nilai crc-16 0xB8A7
  8. pergi ke posisi 0x03FE72-0x03FE73 dan ganti nilai 0x5A7B dengan nilai yang baru, ingat untuk membalik nilai yang baru, nilai 0xB8A7 diisikan menjadi 0xA7B8.
  9. sekarang salin 70 byte data dari posisi 0x03FF00 (0x03FF00-0x03FF6F) ke website dan generate crc, yang perlu diingat/dilihat hanya CRC-16 (Modbus). sebagai contoh, nilai 0x02 yang dirubah menjadi 0x03, bernilai 0xEB64
  10. pergi ke posisi 0x03FF72-0x03FF73 dan ganti nilai 0x9928 dengan nilai yang baru, ingat untuk membalik nilai yang baru, nilai 0xEB64 diisikan menjadi 0x64EB.
  11. save file

Catatan : kamu juga bisa mengubah nama, tanggal lahir dan setting laen, semua setting ada di area 0x03FE00-0x03FE6F dan 0x03FF00-0x03FF6F. detailnya liat bawah, tapi jangan lupa setelah mengubah nilai, selalu generate crc-16 dan replace nilainya.

English Translation :

  1. You certainly must have the firmware.bin file (baca post NDS bios and firmware)
  2. Open the website : On-line CRC calculation and free library
  3. Open firmware.bin using any hex editor of your choice (i personally recommend winhex)
  4. browse to adress 0x03FE64
  5. change 0x02 (if you happen to find bios with teh name alexandre and french language on it) to the language code of your choice (0x00 for Japanese, 0x01 for English, 0x02 for French, 0x03 for German, 0x04 for Italian, 0x05 for Spanish)
  6. go to adress 0x03FF64 and do the same wthing with the value
  7. now copy the first 70 byte data starting from adress 0x03FE00 (0x03FE00-0x03FE6F) top the website supplied above and generate crc, one thing need to be note is just the CRC-16 (Modbus). as an example 0x02 that has been changed into 0x03, would have a crc-16 value of 0xB8A7
  8. go to 0x03FE72-0x03FE73 and change 0x5A7B with the new value, IMPORTANT : reverse the value, for example 0xB8A7 become an entry of 0xA7B8.
  9. now copy the first 70 byte data starting from adress 0x03FF00 (0x03FF00-0x03FF6F) ke website dan generate crc, yang perlu diingat/dilihat hanya CRC-16 (Modbus). top the website supplied above and generate crc, one thing need to be note is just the CRC-16 (Modbus). as an example 0x02 that has been changed into 0x03, would have a crc-16 value of 0xEB64
  10. go to 0x03FF72-0x03FF73 and change 0x9928 with the new value, IMPORTANT : reverse the value, for example 0xEB64 become an entry of 0x64EB.
  11. save file

Catatan : you can also change the name, birth, and any other setting in the address range of 0x03FE00-0x03FE6F and 0x03FF00-0x03FF6F. For detail see below, but don’t forget to generate a new crc and replace teh crc value (see step 7-10)

by the way, if you got bios from my other post here, it’s already in english so no need to change the language, nstead you can try to change the name or other detail ^_^

referensi spesifikasi firmware
User Settings

FW offset* RAM address Bytes Description
0x03Fx00 0x023FFC80 1 version (5)
0x03Fx02 0x027FFC82 1 favorite color (0-15)
0x03Fx03 0x027FFC83 1 birthday month (1-12)
0x03Fx04 0x027FFC84 1 birthday day (1-31)
0x03Fx06 0x027FFC86 20 name, UTF-16
0x03Fx1A 0x027FFC9A 1/2 length of name in characters
0x03Fx1C 0x027FFC9C 52 message, UTF-16
0x03Fx50 0x027FFCD0 1/2 length of message in characters
0x03Fx52 0x027FFCD2 1 alarm hour
0x03Fx53 0x027FFCD3 1 alarm minute
0x03Fx56 0x027FFCD6 1 0x80=enable alarm, bit 0..6=enable?
0x027FFCD8 12 touch-screen calibration
0x027FFCE4 bit 0..2 language
0x027FFCE4 bit 3 GBA mode screen selection. 0=upper, 1=lower
0x027FFCE4 bit 6 auto/manual mode. 0=manual, 1=auto
WIFI power calibration
0x03Fx70 1/2 update counter (used to check latest)
0x03Fx72 CRC16 of 0x03FF00, 0x70 bytes

Favorite color

Value Color RGB15 Value
0 Gray (12, 16, 19)
1 Brown (23, 9, 0)
2 Red (31, 0, 3)
3 Pink (31, 17, 31)
4 Orange (31, 18, 0)
5 Yellow (30, 28, 0)
6 Lime Green (21, 31, 0)
7 Green (0, 31, 0)
8 Dark Green (0, 20, 7)
9 Sea Green (9, 27, 17)
10 Turquoise (6, 23, 30)
11 Blue (0, 11, 30)
12 Dark Blue (0, 0, 18)
13 Dark Purple (17, 0, 26)
14 Violet (26, 0, 29)
15 Magenta (31, 0, 18)


Value Language
0 Japanese
1 English
2 French
3 German
4 Italian
5 Spanish

269 comments on “NDS firmware editing menggunakan Hex Editor

  1. english translation..
    ehm.. okay, on my way.
    i’ll translate the main steps, in few hours ^_^
    *still got something on my hand, so it’ll have to wait for a while. so check up on it later
    well, your welcome ^_^
    EDIT : translation done ^_^

  2. well, the one actually can be edit is the firmware not bios ^_^
    check the adress 03FE06 and 03FF06
    you should get some value like this (in ASCII character) if you use my firmware => S.e.t.y.a or A.l.e.x.a.n.d.r.e if got it from other source.
    just change t into your name such as A.z.9.0 chngae the following char with dot (that would be 00 in hex, f you edit the hex not the ascii)
    after that don’t forget to change the valuein 03FE1A and 03FF1A with the value represent the number of char use for your name (in the case of Az90 would be 4, dot isn’t count since it would be blank value)
    and then, do the steps from 7-11 to change the crc code, without it, your firmware would fail

    if you still have some problem, you can write teh detail about yur name and other data you wanna change (such as bith day, language or other) and i’ll try to change it for you in my spare time

  3. That’s good. I hope you can help me for this. My brother want to get his name for No$GBA, so they get me for help. I can’t do that for him. If you please, can you make it one for him? Here are the details:

    Name: Az90 (actually this is my brother’s nickname)
    Birthday: 17.04.90
    Colour: Blue
    Message: Hi!
    Language: English

    I will appreciate what you’ve done. Thank you.

  4. Hello Setya,

    Can you please upload a firmware with these edits?

    Name: Ali
    Birthday: Month – 11 | Day – 7
    Colour: Blue
    Language: English


  5. Setya,
    Can you please edit the firmware with this info & upload it. I tried to make this edits myself but i am not so good in this thing & i always mess up.

    Name: Supratim
    Birthday: Month – 10 | Day – 25
    Colour: Dark Green
    Language: English

    Thanks in Advance.

  6. @rascal : hex :)
    @dle333 : thankz :)
    @phozon and mewtwo : i’ll be going out of town for a few days, so kinda busy lately, i’ll try to do yours tomorrow before leaving if i got some time, if not check it again in a week.

  7. why dont you try to do it yourself? it’s really easy with this tutorial… I’m not an expert and I’ve never hexed anything before, but it was easier than I expected. just follow the instructions and you cannot fail!

  8. @mewtwo your welcome
    @8dmn be sure to copy all block starting from adress point 3Fx00 to 3Fx6F (where x is E or F), that would give you 70 bytes of data.
    @dle333 yup, it wasn’t that hard ^_^ and congrats to be able to edit on your own :)

  9. Hi setya,i found this very informative but i’m not that good in editing..so can you please make a bin for me?

    Name: Dred
    Birthday: 22.07
    Colour: Blue
    Message: Welcome Lord Dred!
    Language: English


  10. @dle333… ^_^
    @dred… i’ll see to it later, kinda busy with jobs lately :)
    maybe you wanna help me with this one dle333 ???

  11. @dle, lol, yeah that’s right ^_^
    @dominion, if you follow it exactly, it wouldn’t fail ^_^ try again.
    really pay attention on step 8 to 10

  12. yes, i reversed the values, and it didn’t work

    as a test, i also Checked the CRC of the original 70 bytes, and it was correct.

    After changing the 70bytes, checking the CRC again, and putting that in, i get the nintendo DS bootscreen, and it tells me i have to input my nickname, date/time etc.

  13. can the english steps be clarified further, the sooner i can get this worked out, the sooner a Firmware Editor can be moade.

  14. can the english steps be clarified further, the sooner i can get this worked out, the sooner a Firmware Editor can be made.

  15. im having with the birthday its 29 when i change the values the ASCII text change to ) so the bios doesnt work, can you tell me how to work this out

  16. for birthday, change the value in hex column, with another hex value. instead of 29, use 1D.
    teh same goes for any other value, use hex value.
    for text, it’s different, simply change the text using ACSII char, in text column

  17. mau tanya nih. salam kenal dari saya. setya mengenai 70 byte data yang disalin itu. apa ditulis semua dari 0x03FE00 sampai 0x03FE6F atau digimanain? saya coba ke CRC on-line calculator kan ada ASCII or HEX mana yang dipilih dan berapa nilai yang mau dimasukan. klo pake contoh dari firmware stya. terima kasih banyak.

  18. Yes! Thank you! at last I managed to edit the firmware, I had problems with the birthday and favorite color but I managed to solve them by reading what you said about the hex values for the birthday number ^^

  19. Hi setya could you help me with the firmware too cos i really suck at doing it:

    Name: RN
    Birthday: 16/04
    Colour: Gray
    Message: Kaizoku-OU!
    Language: English

  20. @death, yup semua dari alamat itu dari awal alamat yang aku kasih sampe akhir alamat yang aku kasih.
    di crc generator pilih hex

    @Lpatamon, congrats ^_^

    @RN.. still kinda busy, so i guets you must wait. or maybe some of the otehr wanna do it for him

  21. can you make a bin for me too, please ?
    Name: Bouba1
    Birthday: 16/03/85
    Language: French
    Colour: Green or Blue
    Message : no message or “I’am just The_0ne”
    thanx ! n_n

  22. someone currently making an editor for firmware.bin (so no direct hex editing would be needed anymore), let’s just wait for that co finish ^_^
    my jobs are killing me at the moment, rarely have spare time lately ( and i use most of them to rest now)

  23. Now isn’t that funny? now that Setya, me and the few others who managed to get around to edit the firmware, some starts to develop an editor, then again it will be useful when we get bored of our current settings and wish to change it without have to go again all the way on the hex editing XD

  24. yup got that right ^_^
    a guy named mudlord currently doing it, so for others who can’t (afraid) to mess arround with hex editor could simply click a few buttons to make it all happen :)
    for me, i like coding, hex, binary, but then again, if there’s something easier, why not ^_^
    hopefully mudlord get it done soon ^_^

  25. nice progress ^_^
    let me know when you’re finish it already.
    and with your permission, if allowed, i wanna post/host it on this blog (certainly, credit goes to you) ^_^

  26. @Bouba1: Yeah, I will do it when I get a spare moment.
    @setya5785: Another update. I worked out exactly how to do the CRC16 check on the bytes when finalising the file. Seems the answer was in front of me the whole time (fseek(), and fread()) =p. So, once I implement these checks, development should be much easier. I hit into a problem though. Because of the strings use UTF-16, my patcher will most likely not work on Windows 2000, XP, or Vista, because the program uses Unicode file handling routines to write those strings.

    Other than that, things are smooth sailing.

  27. nice progress ^_^
    well it’s not such a bad thing to only work in microsoft family since that the most likely used OS, and since the one really can use this firmware is nocash (which is only available on windows and dos) so not a problem, i guess ^_^

    let’s just hope this one also work nicely via wine (linux) or darwine (mac os) ;)

    wish you the best for your next progress ^_^

  28. Got another update, string writing now should work on Windows 98/95/whatever. I worked out a simple hack to add 0x20 after each letter is written, so that entering letters works flawlessly, as Unicode is just a extension on ASCII. Although, with this method, special character input (like kanji) won’t work.

    But at least its a start.

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  30. Hi setya5785,
    I tried dozen of times to hex my firmeware and no luke.
    The only thing I want is to Set it to ” French “.
    Could you, please, when you got time to hex it for me ?

    Thanks a lot for all your help and thanks a lot for all your hardwork too.

  31. Hi,Setya!I had try this but I don’t really understand it.Can you help me?I apprepciate all the help.Thank you.

    Name: Mynemisbat
    Birthday: 04.03.94
    Colour: Gray
    Message: My name is Bat.
    Language: English

    One more time,thank you.

  32. i’ll try it when i have spare time.
    or if you could wait for a few days (maybe week) mudlord currently working an app to automate this ^_^

  33. Hi!
    Great Tutorial! Thanks a lot!

    But i have a little problem… I think I’ve done everything correct but when i start no$gba i hava to configure my “ds”. But it can’t save that settings. If i set the entry-point to “Start Cartrigde directly” everything works fine!

    Can you help me please?

    Here’s my current binary with the settings i want:

    Name: Robert
    Birthday: 22.04.
    Language: German


  34. since the firmware are flash memory dump, it can’t save those value to firmware bin,.
    i’ll try to work on it later when i have some free time.

  35. Wow, I’m a complete idiot. I had tried to do this before you translated into english and wasn’t quite clear on the copying of the 70 byte hex values. I was adding them together, not putting them all in, as is, in order into the crc checker. Once I realized what I was doing wrong and did it how you’re supposed to, it worked out fine. Thanks for the great guide!

  36. yeah hopefully you didnt forget about me setya:

    Name: RN
    Birthday: 16/04
    Colour: Gray
    Message: Kaizoku-OU!
    Language: English

    posted quite awhile back haha but it’s ok take your time :)

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  38. Hello,
    I like what you have done! I don’t know if my english is good, but you are very gentle to publish this. Congratulation!
    I have asked at your site in a french site because, no one thought that you are the autor.

    Can you create a profile to me? I understand if you haven’t got time.

    Pseudo : Eblyed
    Colour : Blue
    Language : French
    Birthday : 12/05
    Message : “Create by Setya”

    Thank you very much.

    PS: to noob as me, can you take pictures to understand better? I haven’t find the ram code. See you later~

  39. no need to look for RAM address, as that would only apply if you monitor real DS ram :)
    only look for the offset on hex editor, i’ll get to it in week end, maybe, kinda busy on school days :)

  40. All these edited firmware can be downloaded from http://www.mediafire.com/?0iproedvtt7

    note : i put them all in one archive to make it easier for me to upload, so download the archive (rar file) and get your edited firmware

    Name: Dred
    Birthday: 22.07
    Colour: Blue
    Message: Welcome Lord Dred!
    Language: English

    Name: RN
    Birthday: 16/04
    Colour: Gray
    Message: Kaizoku-OU!
    Language: English

    Name: Bouba1
    Birthday: 16/03/85
    Language: French
    Colour: Green or Blue
    Message : no message or “I’am just The_0ne”

    Name: Mynemisbat
    Birthday: 04.03.94
    Colour: Gray
    Message: My name is Bat.
    Language: English

    Name: Robert
    Birthday: 22.04.
    Language: German

    Pseudo : Eblyed
    Colour : Blue
    Language : French
    Birthday : 12/05
    Message : “Create by Setya”

  41. Thank you very very much! You are so gentle! I hope that a day, I will help you ;)

    You know that you are the firt man who sucess at modify language in this emulator?

    You should become an informatician! ;)

    Good luck for the next~

  42. your welcome ^_^
    keep checking my blog, i’ll keep writing about this DS emulation if i find something new ;)

    “You should become an informatician! ;)”
    in the matter of fact, i am actually one ^_^

    thankz for your support ;)

  43. HEy, can u tell more specificly how to change using winhex….
    i quite lost. when i open the firmware, i didn’t find 0×03FE64

    hey what give the idea to do like this??
    Good luck!~

  44. @magnum…
    that’s the file offset (on left pane just beside hex code, conside rthis as line number to make it simple, in default, at top, you’ll also get a number from 0-9 and then A to F. so to get to 0x03fe64, read the ‘line number’ on the left and look for 0003fe64 (don’t mind how many zero are hey in front of those number), after you locate this one, see the hex under row 4, that’s 0x03fe64 is ;)
    if you only get numbers (without any letter on ofset pane) just click it to see ofset in hex mode (not desimal mode)

    good luck to you to ^_^

    ehm.. the idea struck when i played using real NDS firmware, i don’t have my own DS, so i got one on the net, and apparently, the one ‘lurking’ on the net is the spanish (if not mistaken) firmware (already set in spanish) owned by alexandre. so i look arround for some detail on the firmware and got it spec, and then do some editing so i can have an english version of my own ;) so, i wrote what i did here so if anyone else wanna do the same thing, they can do it as easy as following this tutorial :)

  45. hey, can you also make me a firmware

    Name: Bian
    Birthday: 10.30.93
    Colour: Blue
    Message: Hi!
    Language: English

    tnx :)

  46. if i use the real NDS and i canfig the name, language
    ,ect and then i upload it to pc its is o.k?

    what I mean, if that i upload the firmwire to will it be the same spainish language or english??

    and hey, you are quite ‘rajin’….

  47. @magnum, if you change firmware setting on real DS, and them dump your own firmware, the setting will remain the same with your setting ;)
    @andes… be patient, it may take a while till i get on it ^_^

  48. hey tnx for making me now can you make my
    sister she also wants it.

    Birthday: 07.18
    Colour: Pink
    Message: Hello
    Language: English

    tnx again:)

  49. why you make your own editor for newbie that can change the language, time, birth-day and ect….
    or the editor is in making?

    anyway keep the good work….

  50. @el dred, haven’t tried to check on mudlord’s app.
    beside teh fact that i’m kinda occupied with other thing that demand higher priority, i’m a bit inexperience in C++, i’m more on java most of my time ^_^

    @magnum… see answer above ;)

  51. i see…scanning his codes,i guess some of the address pinpointing is off…cant pinpoint where it is in the code though…

  52. in my case, i can’t compile his code (i’m using VS2008). need to adjust some of the code.
    but anyway, i’m still happy with my hex editor :) so i don;t really want to botherusing any tool, not really gonna edit my firmware too often anyway, in fact never, well unless there’s someone want their firmware edited here ^_^

  53. i see,i guess that’s where you’ll have to manually include a library in the project…it’s not included in the project file so when compiling,it gets an error since it is looking for it.

  54. Can you please upload a firmware with these edits?

    Name: Aleksej
    Birthday: Month – 5 | Day – 5
    Colour: Blue
    Language: German



  55. @kinga.. it work ^_^
    i’ve tested it, here’s a screenshot

    @german player… no specific name or anything else ?
    then you an download any firmware i’ve generated (just browse every comment i made. look for a german one (in the matter of fact, teh last one here is german ;) )

  56. I’ve tried it on my own but I’ve failed :S Can you help me and make one for me too?

    Name: Renji
    Bithday: 18/11/1989
    Colour: Gray
    Language: English

    Thank you for your work ;)

  57. @josh and renji…
    it might took until weekend. kinda busy with study in the next 3 days… so check again arround weekend kay ;)

    @german player… your welcome :) and thankz ^_^

  58. Name: Reish
    Birth Day: 29
    Birth Month: 9
    Colour: Gray
    Language: English
    Timezone: CDT

    I would be very grateful if you could make one for me please :)

  59. Maybe this will be helpful, or maybe not… :)

    How about programming a GUI where you enter variables into their respective fields so everyone can customize their own firmware? Sorry if this is harder than I thought, it is just a suggestion.

    You could also just put a John Doe firmware, with 01/01/88 bday, grey and english.. Not that your info is bad, but it is your personal info, not a general info… I think.

    Or you could accept my request, this is also excellent!
    Name: ColBabZ
    Birthday: 04/04/83
    Color: Grey
    Language: English
    Timezone: Philippines?


  60. not really interested in progamming a GUI :)
    ehm.. about that info, well, maybe a john doe firmware won’t be a bad idea, but then a again, even though my default firmware up there contain my personal info, it’s not that personal :) only my name and birthday, nothing really important :)

    okay, i’ll put yours on my list, i’ll get it done with teh other 2 above you the next day ;)
    *just re-install my OS, so, not all my apps back yet :)

  61. I tried several times but I’m not so familiar with hexadecimal numbers and these instructions gives me headaches…
    I so wanted to do myself without bothering you,
    but it seems that I have no choice T-T;
    Name Captain-J
    Bday Oct.10
    Rest of info are luckily the same as your firmware, i believe.
    If you make me one in your free time that would be great.

  62. Setya, You rock man!
    You are doing great job
    I see you are posting readymade firmware.
    Can I request one?

    Name – Naman

    Date of Birth – 12 January, 1992

    Favourite Colour – Your Choice

    Message – Your Choice

    Thanks in Advance

  63. Ok, I have enough patience to wait it….
    Until then, may I ask few questions:
    where am I supposed to find
    FW Offset: 0×03Fx06
    or RAM address: 0×027FFC86 in the winhex?
    even tho I might get one from you, I’d like to learn how to use it so I don’t have to request you again when I need to change some.

  64. gimana cara buka tuh scrip tiap game2 nds?
    biar bisa blajar bahasa programnya gitu..bales ke emailku yach..
    penting nih soalnya…

  65. @Naman… wait till the end of weekend
    @captain-J, thankz for being patient till weekend :)
    about that address
    ds firmware write data on 2 place between 0x03FE[x][x] and another mirror on 0x03FF[x][x]
    so when i say 0x03f[x]06, look at 0x03FE06 and 0x03FF06
    (or simply at address 03FE06 and 03FF06 since hex app rarely include 0x in front ofset)
    ram address refer to nds ram address, so nothing to be worried for ;) just look at hex offset of your firmware file.

    @arezz tiap rom beda2, ehm.. mungkin kamu bisa baca halaman patch tales of innocence, udah ada yang eprnah nanya dan aku udah jawab di komen2 terakhir tapi itu berhubungan dengan patch.hack translasi aja.
    kalo mau belajar pemrograman game/nds harus belajar lewat cara laen, bisa kamu dissaebler kode game ke bahasa assembly tapi kamu harus belajar assembly dulu ::( khususnay untuk ARM.
    coba search devkitpro dan PaLib, tuh digunakan untk pengembangan homebrew aplikasi DS, ga ada hubungan ama post diatas ini loh :)

  66. I see…. I think I understood about reading the hex value so far. Thanks for the response.
    But I don’t still get the part 7.
    do you like mean drag the whole 00s 4As and stuffs between the offset values you mentioned to copy and paste on the text box of the website you told us?
    and I don’t get part 8 neither, because, to me, only thing I could change in the hex programs is bunch of 00s or AAs some two alphanumerical values but nothing like 0×5A7B to reverse it.
    I only see things like on the screen:
    Offset | twin alphanumerical values | text |
    0003FE00 | 05 00 00 07 05 00 43 00 61 00 70 00 74 00 61 00 | . . . . . . C . a . p . t . a . |
    something like that.
    Hopefully that made sense – if it doesn’t, I’ll just shut up and wait till weekend :S

  67. @caoatin, yes drag and copy hex value and paste on that site (don’t forget to specify as hex, not ascii) and then generate crc.
    you’ll get some crc, teh one you need gonna be crc-16 modbus, you’ll get 4 char right let’s say AB CD
    when you put it back to your file in hex, you must flip those value before writing it down, so AB CD gbecome CD AB, so you change your firmware fiel at the offset i mention to become CD AB (not AB CD as you get from that site).

    well, like you said, if you don;t get it, wait till weekend :)

  68. setya,

    I would like to personalize my no$gba so i tried to edit it myself but i cannot do it @_@.can you edit a firmware for me with these info:
    Name: John Paul
    Birthday: Month – 01 | Day – 29
    Colour: Green
    Language: English

  69. Please make a firmware for me too?
    Name: Jerome
    Birthday: 02/08/1991
    Colour: Dark Blue
    Language: English

  70. tolong yah mas setya

    Name: ter0
    Birthday: 25.08
    Color: Blue
    Message: akatero !!
    Language: English

    klu bisa langsung dikirim ke emailku yah


  71. i’ll take a note for it at the moment, maybe i’ll get it done next week kay, i’m currently preparing for midtest this week :)

  72. I’m the one who provided and I think that mullord can get up some hint from it to complete his editor.
    It’s not completed and only changes name, colour, language and birthdate but no other option like alignment of GBA screen in Touch or main one.
    Neither an option for the welcome message.

  73. kk… tolong bikinin donk.. aq udh nyoba buka pake hex, jadinya malah ruwet.. pls… tolong y…
    Name: Baumkuchen
    Birthday: 17.07
    Color: Turquoise
    Message : Hey-ho! Let’s go!
    Language: English

  74. oh ya, mo nanya lagi.. napa no$gba ku koq ga bs 100%? selalu lebih atau kurang.. kadang bs nyampe 30%, 80%, tp kadang jg 120% bahkan 300-400%, napa y? trus gmn cara jadiin 100%nya? Thx atas bantuanny kk^o^
    PS: punyaku no$gba versi 2.6a

  75. hello setya5785 very exellent job ;)

    please can you make it for me :

    name: chaosevil
    color : blue
    language : french
    birth : 12/12
    message : yo !!

    thanks setya v^_^v

  76. kak setya
    tolong upgrade firmware untukku juga donk…
    Name : Fendy
    Birth : 25.02.88
    Color : Blue
    Languange : English
    Message : FnS forever!!

    Thanks berat kak….

  77. Setya,
    Can you please edit the firmware with this info & upload it. I tried to make this edits myself but i am not so good in this thing & i always mess up plsss .

    Birthday: Month – 03 | Day – 10
    Colour: Dark Blue
    Language: English

    Thanks in Advance.

  78. pliss buat dong firmware buat ku
    Birthday: Month – 11 | Day – 26
    Colour: Dark Blue
    Language: English

  79. You are my hero!!!!
    aq salut ma kk seth,soalnya udah 1 tahunan lebih aq pengen maen pokemon diamond ternyata stelah aq nyari, ternyata ktemu juga di sini!!! dan skarang aq jadi bisa maen nds deh di rumah(>^-^)>
    anywayz!!!! thanx!!!!

    ku punya permintaan nich
    plizz dong edit-in firmware buat gue

    Name : Reixark
    Birthday : 8 Aprill 1991
    Message : NDs you’re so awesome!!!

    plizz ya? soalnya aq bingung ngedit sendiri pake winhex???banyak angkanya?????

    Thanx for U’r Help!!!!

  80. eh da yang klupaan

    Name : Reixark
    Birthday : 8 Aprill 1991
    Colour: Dark Blue
    Language: English
    Message : NDs you’re so awesome!!! (*yang nio gak diisi juga gak pa2 kok*)

    skali lagi thanx!

  81. Nice tutorial, but I always seem to get it wrong, for some reason. :( So, could you do some edits for me perhaps? I would appreciate it very much.

    Name: Ben
    Birthday: 14/11/93
    Colour: The first one (top left)
    Language: English


  82. Hello!, I try to modify the firmware, but do not work, you can to edit, because i can’t understand the instructions, with the next data, please:

    Name: Salo
    Birthday: Month-9, Day-7
    Color: Blue
    Message: Hola!
    Language: Spanish

    PD: Sorry by my english, but i’am from Latin America :P

  83. Yes work!, the mistake was mine because i do it, but with other firmware in Spanish modified by a such “PaRaDoX”.
    By the way, this firmware if show the intro animated with the NDS and Nintendo logo. Maybe you can check it these firmware to see yourself the differences.

    Greetings! ;)

  84. Setya you’re great, thanks for all this extremely useful information, I had never mess with hex editing before but with your nice tips I made it, and it was a piece of cake ;) Your main post also was very useful, you really give me some sweet “pearls of wisdom” there. You’re extremely patient, clear and n00b-friendly, all of those really-hard-to-find-qualities these day in a guy so well prepared like you. Ok, enough butt-kissing, thanks a lot friend!

    Pd. Sorry for my lame english, I’m Latin American too. There’s a lot of spanish-speaker people around here. What must I do to obtain your permission to translate all this great info for my latin american friends?

  85. please could you do my firmware for me. i am sorry for bothering you but i have tryed for ages using that hex thing but i guess i just dont understand it.

    Name: Ben
    Birthday: Month-6, Day-10
    Color: Red
    Language: English

    Once again thank you if u could do this for me

  86. hello setya5785, very exellent job ;)

    please can you make it for me :

    name: chaos-evil
    color : blue
    language : english
    birth : month 8 / day 4
    message :

    thanks setya v^_^v

  87. Can you please make my firmware with this settings
    1. Name: Louis
    Color: Blue
    Language: English
    message: Good DAY!
    birth: month 11/ day 16
    GBA mode: Touch screen
    start up: manual
    touch screen: calibrated

    tnxtnxtnx please help me ty

  88. Mas, saya bingung nih!

    udah 2 hari saya coba, tapi saya masih tetep gak bisa benerin.

    Saya mau minta tolong aja deh, tolong buat’in yah !!

    ini spesifikasinya:

    Nama: Bram
    Warna: Biru
    Bahasa: Inggris (Kalau bisa Indonesia)
    Tanggal/Bulan Lahir: 16/05
    GBA mode: Touch Screen
    Start Up: Manual
    Touch Screennya: calibrated

    mohon bantuannya !!

    Terima Kasih Sebelumnya !!

    • kagak ada lah bahasa indo :)
      coba cek beberapa post2 diatas, ada link buat aplikasi yang langsung ngedit parameter bios…
      ku dah ga otak atik lagi :)

      lagipula bios sifatnay ga wajib kalo buat maen emu :)

  89. Hello Setya,
    Please can you do a firmware for me

    Favorie colour : gray
    Name: Marion
    Language : french
    Birthday : 04/09
    No alarm

    Thank you very much ^^

  90. Ka setya,,bisa minta tolong editin firmware in jdi kaya gni g ka..?
    saya masih kesulitan kalo ngedit sendiri…
    thx before kk..!

    Name: Tyo
    Birthday: 21 05 93
    Colour: Red
    Message: Love J-Rock by tyo
    Language: English

  91. oia,,ka,,satu lgy knapa y klo saya mnjalankan game via startup GBA bios(nintendo logo) g bsa,,lngsung ad tulisan “the rom image has crashed”
    tpi klo start catridge only gpp tuh…
    kira2 knapa y ka..?
    pdahal no$ saya versi 2.6a
    mohon solusinya

  92. hello.! i have read your post and i’m interested with it, i want to make mine but i am not good enough to make my own. could you make one for me..? please i really want my nds bios to be edited.

    here’s i want to edit..

    Name: CaRL
    Birthday: 25.10.91
    Color: Red
    Message: I Love Nintendo.!
    Language: English

    thanks a lot..!

    • sorry, i don;t do that anymore, browse other comment. someone posted a user-friendly editor

      you don’t need those firmware for gaming anyway ^_^

  93. Greetings my friends i need help too myself with my own game, i finally got imported a game based on my fav authors and illustrator’s books “DELTORA QUÉST”! Its a Nintendo DS game in Japanese and if someone here will help me then just give me your email adress my friends, my one is Luksprehn@Gmail.com and… I need help with this one to translate and then i will by myself make Nintendo Pubblish it, but the project can first begin after ther Sommer Holiday. Please my friends this game rocks, and i wont miss a chance to understand the games language completly this is what both my brain and heart seeks, and i can make great friends of you if you helping me, cause then we can learn each other much better. Seya reply soon my friends and please help me.

    (My website is not made yet!)

    • sorry, can’t help you out with this.
      i’m not that good with japanese, especialy teh written language. can’t really help with that big scale of a project.

      you could try ask gbatemp.net nds rom translation subforum for it

  94. Hello setya. I love your site, and it is awesome! But, however, I can’t figure out how to change the firmware. Can you please make one for me? My name is Eric, favorite color blue, birthday is July 31. Thanks in advance!

  95. Setya! Thank for the info but when I tried to do it, it crashes my computer!!! It’s more compicated than Woctochat!

    Name: Brian
    Birthday: Month – 02 | Day – 20
    Colour: Blue
    Language: English
    Alarm: 00:00
    GBA Mode: Touch Screen
    Message: PICTOCHAT

    Thanks for the FIRMWARE though!

  96. om bantu lah org indo editin wa firmware jg dong om bwt nos gba

    nama :riyan taufik
    birth 25-03-1993
    bahasa :english lah ga ad bwt indo kan
    alarm 11.0 malem
    massage :bangke yg maenin nih game wa

  97. gw bingung ngeditnya neh….ternyata mesti online yah. masalahnya kompie gw g conect internet…..jadi g bisa kalkulasi neh….bisa tolong buatin g?

    Nick: Lionheart
    Birthday: 27 november 1988
    Colour: Blue
    Language: English
    Alarm: 00:00
    pesan: Welcome General

    pliss banget boss….gw mentok banget neh….

  98. System date error!Please check NDS system date

    kk.. kl DS lite ku muncul kyk gt,,wktu d idupin truus g bs d ap2in ,,gmn?? :(

  99. Can make me a firmware please ?

    Name : David
    Birthday : 08.16
    Color : Green
    Language : French
    No alarm

    Thanks !!!!!!

  100. kak setya, bikinin aku firmware dong “-”
    Name: Fahmi
    Birthday: 22 April 1991
    Colour: Red
    Language: English
    Alarm: 00:00 (nggak aktif)
    pesan: its time to play the game

    tolong ya kak “-”
    terima kasih

  101. I don’t understand your Steps. Could you .. uh … maybe be a little more specific on how to perform those tasks ? ..

    • if you’re confuse, i assume you don’t have experience using hex editor.
      it’s better that you don’t mess around then :)

      beside you don’t need bios/firmware anymore, and any bios/firmware would work the same. just use any bios/firmware if yoiu want to use it on your no$gba

  102. wew baru tau juga gw ada beginian .. kak setya buatin kasi saya bisa ? please kak .. sama2 org indo sekali aja merepotin gpp ya hahaha
    nama joseph , color nya blue , tgl lahir 27 juli .. pesan welcome itu aja hehehe .. boleh dong kak

    • ikutin aja guide di post :) atau cari aplikasi yang udah bisa langsung, keknay udah ada beberapa yang bisa edit tanpa perlu pake hex editor.
      bios/firmware asli juga ga dibutuhkan lagi untuk emulator

  103. ah ga ngerti gua hahaha .. gpp deh :)
    saya masih tergolong baru dalam bermain game ds di emu .. mnrt kak setya lebi bagus demusme atau nosgba ya .. klo saya liat sih demusme lebih enak digunakan soalny g pake extract tapi koq lambat banget ya klo mainin game 3d .. klo nosgba yg kurang hanya ga bisa di save slot2 nya itu kak .. ad masukan ga ?

    • :)
      lebih bagus desmume, sampe sekarang masih diupdate dan dikembangkan (downlaod svn build dari emucr), jadi untuk maen, lebih baek. tapi cenderung sedikti lebih berat daripada no$gba. jadi kalo cpu kuat, mending desmume, kalo ngga bisa coba no$gba (kalo game bersnagkutan ga masalah).

      no$gba emang ga ada save state untuk game NDS, jadi emang harus save normal aja. tapi aku rasa juag enakan gitu.

      kalo mo pake no$gba, tambahin juga no$zoomer. addon yang juga nambahin beberapa fix untuk game2 tertentu

  104. ho gitu toh .. makasih ya pencerahannya kak setya .. dapat info bagus gua .. tapi telat banget gua taunya .. org2 pada nanya dari ta0n 2008 gua 2011 baru tau wakakaka .. yg ga ngerti masi soal ganti nama itu , g dpt softwarenya .. buatin lah kak .. pleaseee :p

  105. kang ane mudeng nih kagak ngerti sama sekali, bisa tolong dibuatin aja gk firmwarenya ? kalo bisa makasih

    Name: Zera
    Birthday: 27.03.92
    Colour: Blue
    Message: It’s Me !
    Language: English

  106. I hope it isn’t to late, but I really want to learn how to manage this. I’m already lost, hardly on step 4. What do I browse? Do I browse through my WinHex, because I can’t find anything on that using control + f. Or, do I browse on the website given? I add the numbers & letters, calculate the CRC, but then what? I hope it isn’t out of the blue, but thank you in advance, regardless.

    • I realize I need to browse my WinHex, reading future steps, but when I search for 0x03FE64 it’s drawing a blank. I have no experience with hex editors, so again I apologize. I would appreciate some effort in help though explaining this, please. ><

      • that’s the address / data offset (not the content, so don’t use search function), just browse your file content, you’ll see “offset” on the left side of your hex content.

        btw, you could try googling nds bios editor, iirc, there are few editor available.

  107. By the way, I had no idea there was editing software already made (lol). Doing it manually was a little confusing at first. I found the offset and all, and managed to figure out which each set of numbers represented. After a while of messing with it and playing around I got what I wanted.

    Thank you so much, this is so nifty. ^^

    • your welcome :)

      there’s a tool for viewing/editing nds rom such as tile, text, etc. quite helpful for creating translation (sorry, can’t recall the name). it also include an option to edit ds firmware. and probbaly some other standalone app.

  108. That’s good. I hope you can help me for this. My brother want to get his name for No$GBA / DeSmuME , so they get me for help. I can’t do that for him. If you please, can you make it one for him? Here are the details:

    Name: Lucas
    Birthday: Day = 8 / Month = 7
    Colour: Blue
    Message: Hi!
    Language: English
    I will appreciate what you’ve done. Thank you.

    I also can use your firmware on DeSmuME

  109. Pingback: BIOS Recovery Procedures | File Search Engine, search rapidshare, depositfiles, mediafire

  110. Thanks for every other informative website. The place else could I get that kind of info written in such an ideal method? I have a challenge that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been at the look out for such information.

  111. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before but after browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  112. Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really loved browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  113. Thanks for the tutorial, it is quite clear and easy to follow
    I had never used a hex editor before so when I achieved change my firmware I felt like a super hacker ;)

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