No$gba Profile Manager

program which should allow you to keep different “profiles” for different games in No$GBA.

It now supports all 17 main settings.


Extract in your no$gba directory. (The latest build should work with No$GBA 2.5, and an alternate build with 2.4f support is provided)

Linux Users (Reported to work on Kubuntu 7.04 – Feisty Fawn) will need to download this.

It would be wise to delete npm.cfg and reconfigure the path when upgrading between two versions. If you have changed the location of the emulator, deleting npm.cfg and reconfiguring is required.

How to Use:

You’ll see where you can specify each setting. Just select the correct setting from the drop-down box and hit “Write to no$gba.ini.”

To load a profile just select it and hit “Load.” To create and save a profile, enter the correct configuration, hit save and type in the name of the profile when prompted.

Before using:

Make a backup of no$gba.ini…

Submit your profiles:

Visit here.


* 5/7/2007 – New build uploaded ( (Adds support for Reset/Startup Entrypoint and fix bug with Sound Desired Sample Rate – Anyone with duplicate entries of Sound Desired Sample Rate in their no$gba.ini should revert to their backup, or replace the top duplicate entry with “Sound Mixer Volume == -12”)
* 5/7/2007 – Path Problem Fixed (
* 7/7/2007 – GUI Changes, Customizable Paths, Drop Down Selection Boxes, Delete Button, Overwrite Existing Profile Save Button, Other Miscellaneous fixes… (
* 8/7/2007 – Ability to rename profile files, Loading profile automatically writes changes into no$gba.ini, Added support for “Video Output” and “GBA Mode” settings… (
* 8/7/2007 – Bugfixes, GUI changes for lower resolutions.. (
* 8/7/2007 – Full support, auto-load and write to no$gba.ini mode (
* 9/7/2007 – General Release… (
* 10/7/2007 – Serious Bug Fixed… (
* 14/10/2007 – Numerous fixes, enhancements, one build compatible with 2.5, the other build should work with 2.4f.
* 21/12/2007 – Updated to support No$GBA 2.6. Some UI changes.

Older Versions: (For No$GBA 2.4c to 2.4f – Experimental) (For No$GBA 2.5 – Seems to work)

Latest Versions: (For No$GBA 2.6)

Update : no$gba 2.6a is out already ^_^ it come with auto save type detection, so no need for profiler ;)

18 comments on “No$gba Profile Manager

  1. greetz….
    it is possible to linking different game on no$gba? how do you do that? im using vbalink…im trading the pokemon series..and its work!
    if its possible,maybe u could write some help….sorry to ask before…
    one more thing…is the firmware really needed for playin certain games on no$??

    thx…will wait for your help ;)

  2. for NDS games, i’ afraid there’s isn’t any way to do the linking right now, iguess we have to wait martin to improve the wifi emulation first.
    nbut for gba games using nocash, well, i personally recommend vbalink :)
    i use nocash only for NDS, so if it about GBA games linking on nocash, sorry can’t help either ^_^ but for NDS, i’ll keep updating the news on it when it capable of doing it ;)

    for earlier version (before 2.4) NDS bios and firmware are needed, since NDS bios and firmware wasn’t emulated on nocash yet, but since 2.4 and the newest one, some bios and firmware function are already emulated in nocash, no no need to use bios and firmware, unless you get an error from a rom that demand specific function from bios/firmware that hasn’t been emulated.
    i didn’t find anygame of like yet :)
    well, using firmware, on teh other hand, are kinda fun :) some multi game, european ever mostly, have more than 1 language on rom, it will detect firmware language, so you can play the game in your fave languaga (such as picross DS) though doens’t really important :)

    thankz for visiting.

  3. hmmm….
    that’s clear things up…
    thank you..very kind of you…
    will wait for your next review about emulator
    maybe you will wrote about other console emulator..? ;)

    wish u luck always… :)

  4. heyyyy
    in no$ GBA version 2.5c i can play different game
    of course i can trade my pokemon emerald to FR/LG pokemon…

  5. Goddamned Pokemon diamond on NDS doesnt work….cant save…so I tried no$gba 2.6a from the link above….cant understand the shit….:(

  6. search this blog (using search feature on top right corner), you can get a fully working no$gba 2.6a with auto save type ;)

  7. i am not able to load the pokemon diamond on no$gba 2.6a
    it saves properly at the first time but it cannot overwrite the save file

    Please help me……

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