Use D-Pad in Zelda Phantom Hourglass

The Legend of Zelda The Phantom Hourglass game with such a nice and intuitive gameplay and control scheme,but honestly, sometime, it’s kinda pain in the A** to use stylus all the time, if only they put D-Pad control in it also TT_TT but no need to worry though ^_^

Button Mapping Changes:
Directional Pad” – Move link to desire direction
X Button” – Spin Slash
Left + B button” – Roll on Leftside
Right + B button” – Roll on RightSide
Y Button” – View Map Screen
Direction Pad + A” – Slide Slash


  • Other Button is Mapped on its Default Function
  • To save code space, pressing B or A won’t create any attack/roll
  • There is a small delay in Slide Slash on first Press of D-Pad + A

Already tested and work nicely :)

to speek or interact with item still need stylus though. but surely it’s a lot easier to move arround and attack using d-pad :)

especially when you’re using emulator to play this game ^_^

Input this Action Replay code to enable Directional-Pad to control Link in the game The Legend of Zelda The Phantom Hourglass. (read more to get the code)

52000B60 E12FFF1E
02000B60 EAFFFE26
E2000400 000003D0
E92D007F E59F0398
E59F1398 E5801000
E59F0398 E59F1398
E5801000 E8BD007F
E12FFF1E E1D120B0
E1D010B0 E38220F3
E3510B09 03811B02
02222002 E59F0368
E12FFF10 E92D007F
E59F4370 E5943000
E353000A C3A03000
E3530000 B3A03000
E3530001 BA000003
E3530009 CA000001
E2832001 E5842000
E3530001 0A0000A7
E3530002 0A0000B1
E3530003 0A0000AC
E3530004 0A0000B0
E3530005 0A0000A5
E3530006 0A0000B2
E3530007 0A00009E
E3530008 0A0000AB
E3530009 0A000097
E59F0300 E5D00000
E3500028 03A03001
05843000 0A0000AF
E59F42DC E5943000
E3530015 C3A03015
E3530000 B3A03015
E5843000 E3530001
BA000009 E3530014
CA000007 E3530004
03A03010 E3530008
03A03010 E353000C
03A03010 E2832001
E5842000 E3530001
0A00007C E3530002
0A000086 E3530003
0A000081 E3530005
0A00007F E3530006
0A000083 E3530007
0A000078 E3530009
0A000076 E353000A
0A000083 E353000B
0A00006F E353000D
0A00006D E353000E
0A00007A E353000F
0A000066 E3530014
BA000082 E3A00301
E5D00130 E35000EE
03A03001 05843000
0A00007C E350007E
03A03005 05843000
0A000078 E35000DE
03A03009 05843000
0A000074 E35000BE
03A0300D 05843000
0A000070 E59F41E8
E5943000 E353000C
C3A03000 E3530000
B3A03000 E3530001
BA000005 E353000B
CA000003 E3530006
0A000001 E2832001
E5842000 E3530001
0A00002A E3530002
0A000031 E3530003
0A00002C E3530004
0A000027 E3530005
0A000022 E3530007
0A00002C E3530008
0A000033 E3530009
0A00002E E353000A
0A000029 E353000B
0A000024 E35000DD
03A03001 05843000
0A00004A E35000ED
03A03007 05843000
0A000046 E35000BF
0A000026 E35000DF
0A000027 E350007F
0A000028 E35000EF
0A000029 E35000AF
0A00002A E350006F
0A00002B E350009F
0A00002C E350005F
0A00002D EA000035
E3A03E31 E3A04E71
EA00002C E3A03000
E3A04E81 EA000029
E3A03E21 E3A04E99
EA000026 E3A03E31
E3A04E81 EA000023
E3A03C0D E3A04E71
EA000020 E3A03B03
E3A04E81 EA00001D
E3A03C0D E3A04E99
EA00001A E3A03A01
E3A04E81 EA000017
E3A03E81 E3A04000
EA000014 E3A03000
E3A04E81 EA000011
E3A03E81 E3A04A01
EA00000E E3A03A01
E3A04E81 EA00000B
E3A03A01 E3A04E36
EA000008 E3A03A01
E3A04C0D EA000005
E3A03000 E3A04000
EA000002 E3A03000
E1C130B8 E1C140BA
E3A03001 E3A04000
E1C130BC E1C140BE
E8BD007F E59F1014
E12FFF11 0202AE10
EAFF5583 0202AE18
0200A180 EAFFD8AF
0200A190 020003F4
020003FC 020003F8
027FFFA9 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Credit : Toenailed for compiling this awesome code


10 comments on “Use D-Pad in Zelda Phantom Hourglass

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  2. wah gue cuma liat2 doang disana bos buat mengikuti perkembangan no$gba, ga pernah posting. ada sih id tapi lupa juga haha.
    ok de good luck bro!

  3. :)) sudah ada beberapa member yang tau gw langsung di sana, waktu ada yang minta bantuan masalah firmware, jadi gw kasih tau ^_^
    iya, no prob seh bener’e, asal stay clean di sana :)
    ada tuh yang pernah ketauan post di forum laen, tapi kata admin, asal tetep clean di situ no prob ;)

  4. ku baek2 aja ko’ yang laen juga, rom crash paling kalo ga rom kamu rusak ya kamu maen pake bios trus romnya ga dienkripsi (ada kata rom crash, maen pake emulator kan?)

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