Must Be The Worst Week on my Life [Not :p]

this last week, God know, it must be the worst this year :|  just a couple of days ago, i did an all nighter to get some work done. after all night long of codes and scripts, i decide to get a refreshment by playing Nintendo DS, on my laptop. extract some rom from my archive, and play it, after a while, i decide that this rom, isn’t so god, i wanna delete it. i always use SHift+Del to delete files, since i hate ‘recycle bin’ :D
so, there i was, a bit sleepy, hit shift and del at the same time. OMG, i delete the wrong file :| to be exact, i delete the wrong “folder”, my NDS rom archives got deleted, and be sure, they aren’t in recycle bin :|  to make thing worst, i have  diskeeper always active in background to manage harddrive defrag. so it’s actually a race against time, till i nstalled my TuneUp Utility 2008 (just to get undelete app), and did some some undeletation. but not all my rom can be ‘salvaged’, lost most of them, teh good one and newest that is. in the end only about 114 out of 12x (forgot the current count). afte rthat i moved all my NDS rom archives to my external harddrive for safer backup purpose.

well, past stays in the past that’s what i thought. just a day after, my little brother borrowed my external harddrive to copy a few movies. after, he put it on my bed, near my laptop. i didn’t notice my harddrive, when i was about to go to the living room. i acidentally drop my external harddrive :| poor me, i tried to plug it in, no respond, intead, i head some loud noise from it. bad sign… i open the case, try it again (i thought it got displaced in the case), nothing happened. the noise’s gone. but my system still couldn’t detect my harddrive :|

all my data, movies, installer, driver, and NDS ROM are all gone :| maybe it’s GOD way to say “No more NDS for you”, but i guess it;s just me being clumsy.

gonna have that drive check tomorrow, i hope it can be fixed, are the worst case, i can save my data. there’s some project data in that drive too. hope that the last ‘unlucky’ accident i got :|

and oh yea, just to make it seem even ‘unlucky’, just 2 days before that, when i went to campuss, my tire exploded, twice at the same day, not even 10 minutes time gap even :|

oh, GOD, please bering me luck in this new semester, i hubly beg YOU.

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