Increase or Decrease Website Font Size on Browser

have you ever got a problem with a font size being too small or to big on a site you like ??  well, i have, and it really make it worst if you have large monitor or high resolution monitor. it would be nice to be able to change the size right,
some site nice enough to add font increase/decrease button (i know i do, on mysite template provided for client), or even browser with zoom function (like opera). but notal of them have it, or not everyone use opera ^_^ so, if you like me, firefox fans, there’s a simple shortcut/trickcan be appied to increase or drcrease the font size of the site you’re reading.

just click on CTRL key, and scroll up or down to increase or decrease the size. if you don’t have scroll mouse (which i doubt you don’t have it nowadays), just click CTRL and + key or key. it will do the same function as the scroller did. haven’t tested on safari, IE, or opera. if you tested on those browser lease let me know whether it would work or not ;)

10 comments on “Increase or Decrease Website Font Size on Browser

  1. OH GOD it’s so simple! I must have actually DONE this by accident on sites that suddenly got too small!
    Thanks for showing this NOOB the way!

    • Luke, I feel the same way. I was scrolling on the site too fast, I believe, and the font was getting smaller and smaller. I wanted to pull my hair out! This trick is the BEST!!
      Thank you, Setya!

    • Edwina, I too, attempted several methods. Some were simple, but my computer did not have those settings. It’s an older version. None of those methods, whether simple or complex, worked. This one did! I had e-mailed a computer wiz friend for a run down on this and by the time he responded, I had the problem fixed!!

  2. This trick is the best in the book!!! I tried other methods of increasing my browsers font size and none worked. This one did!! I thank you a million for sharing this tip!

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