Bleach DS Blade of Fate Japanese Audio Replacer Patch


Project…….: Bleach DS Blade of Fate Japanese Audio Patch
Release date..: 25 February 2008
Author……..: Setya5785

this patch made due to request from a few that had some hard time replace Bleach DS Blade of Fate audio manually based on the tutorial i wrote on my blog.

to apply patch, copy your ‘clean’ Bleach DS Blade of Fate rom into patch folder and then run patchme.bat.

Patch History :

– replace all Bleach DS Blade of Fate sound data with Bleach DS Souten ni kakeru unmei sound data.

Patch note :
all sound (char) are replaced perfectly, except for Rukia’s and Mayuri’s voice. those 2 char’s voice doesn’t come out quite right, but it was becauce the difference in the number of sound and sound allocation for both char on both game. since this patch only simply replace the corresponding sdat file from each game, so that problem arise. doesn’t really affect battle cry / shout though. only on sound used for system, so doesn’t really matter if you’re not planning to use either of those char for system sound.

*download not working, i accidentally deleted this file

12 comments on “Bleach DS Blade of Fate Japanese Audio Replacer Patch

  1. Hi setya,
    First, thank you, you did a very nice job. Would it be possible for you to replace the text (menus…) from the japanese version by english text? Thank you for your reply.

  2. there’s a US release for this game (teh one that titled Blade of fate). so no need to ay the jap’s release ^_^ juts download US release rom ;)

    this patch simply exchange the audio in US release with ja’s counterpart :)

  3. Yes but I want to play bleach with a linker because I bought the japanese version. I thought I could unterstand at least how to make special move but I gave up. Problem is that only the japanese version of the game works on my linker. That’s why I was asking about a way to change texts.

  4. changing text can’t be done by simply exchange file.

    well, if you stuck with jap’s cart, you can always rely on walkthrough. there’re quite good and have some detail info on this matter

  5. @adit .. juts a patch

    @ichigofan.. sorry, it seem i accidentally remove the file from mediafire :)

    you can read the tutorial instead :)
    (there’s a link on the post above)

    though you might need to use google translate (use indonesia to english translation)

    Edit : file reuploaded

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