Tales of innocence menu translation patch

Project…….: Tales of Innocence Translation Patch
Release date..: 03 March 2008
Author……..: Setya5785


to apply patch, copy your ‘clean’ untrimmed Tales of Innocence rom into patch folder and then run patchme.bat.
newer patch release are accumulative, in other word, all patch release changes already included in the newest patch so it necessary to use a clean/unpatcher rom each time you wanna patch using a newer release.

Download :
mediafireGBAtemp download section

Update :
since this project pretty much done. if you want better and full translation, i suggest you to browse Absolute Zero’s translation project

Patch History :

– another fix for rom crash (iris’a aqua edge cast rom crash, and some other rom crash).

Any update would be posted in this exact blog post, so stay tune happy.gif

Patch discussion page can be found here

Patch History :


* Restore header info to it’s original state, hopefullly fix bug on M3 Cart


* Item description, mainly on healing item


* TP cost cut down translate fix (lol, i forgot to translate this happy.gif, i notice this when i open the rom in my editor)
* Decay abilities typo fix (previously written as Deca☆, lol ☆ and y only a digit difference so sorry for the mistake)


* added the ‘forgotten’ S-T sub menu (Use, Enter, Remove) and the ‘forgoten’ item sub (Use, Throw away/Remove)

TOI20080206 (6 Feb 2008)

* All Style’s Skill

TOI20080203 (3 Feb 2008)

* Main menu
* Stats name
* Style name
* Library sub menu
* System sub menu
* Weapon Shop menu
* Weapon customize menu
* Item shop menu
* Guild menu
* Inn menu
* Options
* Options info

Screen Capture :







12 comments on “Tales of innocence menu translation patch

  1. I want to ask if it’s okay with you..
    How to run the patch on an actual NDS Lite?
    I use R4 Ver 1.24 firmware

    Sorry and thank you ^^

  2. i tried so, and some new patched nds file appeared. i tried to play it on my nds but it couldn’t run.. it just went black.. T.T

      • hey setya can i call u seth and can i help u i already made the all of the skits transleted by ME! if u want it i will email u but whats yours?

  3. Hey!

    Thanks a lot for this patch! Unfortunately, script are not translate… I’ve to wait the Absolute Zero’s translation ^^

    Thanks again!

    (Sorry for my bad english I’m french =P)

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