Tales of Innocence Walkthrough


Credit goes to the original author of this walkthrough since I (setya5785) didn’t make this walkthrough and only re-publish this walkthrough on pdf and also add item image (only a few that I obtained during my game), this document also have bookmark for easier reading. To get to a certain part of the walkthrough, just look at the bookmark available on the side bar (of your adobe acrobat pdf reader). To make thing even easier for you guys to start playing this game, you can get Tales of Innocence translation patch I made. Just straight on Tales of Innocence translation project page. It’s not much as of now, but I’ll try keep working on the patch whenever I have some free time ^_^

16 comments on “Tales of Innocence Walkthrough

  1. Um… i dont know how to start off with this download,i download it but nothings happening. i really think this is a good guide but i cant use it cuz my computer ish stupid >.<. wat do i do? lol

  2. just a question is there guide to learn how to patch otherwise i can work with you to translate the game into a patch.

  3. @nina, yhere seem to be some problem with mediafire and few download manager, so i put teh fil eon skydrive now ;)

    @shadowrep you can go to gbatemp.net

  4. Hey, Seth. I got this TOI and I’m trying to get the translation patch but its no longer available. could you send it to me? Everywhere I look in google leads me back here but the page is gone. thanks

  5. yes, i’ve discontinued the translation for several reason. atm,someone already making progress with better translation (absolute zero) and aim full translation, but apparently they won’t release any patch until its done.

    you can still download my patch at gbatemp download section

  6. thx, tapi nih walkthrough bukan ku yang bikin, cuman compile doank :)
    buat nemenin patch translasi yang dulu ku buat (behrubung ku cuman translate menu ama sebagian item doank) ;)

  7. Eh aq kaga ngerti cara ngepatch TOInya gmn sih caranya?Romnya di drag ke patch me????aq pengen bgt nih maen versi ingriss ajarin plizz inggrisku kaga bener T^T

  8. jah
    cape dah..aq dah bisa patchnya
    tapi kedikitan translatenya
    item2nya kaga di translate
    translatein yang heart ama yang tempest donk..awal taon sapa yg bikin?

    • ya waktu itu goal ku emang cuman translae menu ama item recovery aja :)
      dah ga ada waktu buat lanjutin ^_^

      sabar aja, mungkin sekitar awal taon ada yang bakal rilis full translate ko’ (bikinan zettai zero / absolute zero)

      kalo tempest, setauku ga ada yang translate, ga ada yang suka keknya

      kalo heart kan ada kemungkinan namco bakal ngeluarin US ver, tapi ga tau lagi ntar batal pa ga

  9. Om setya, mo tanya, kok pas battle pake luca pertama kali romnya crash? Saya pake no$gba 2.6a ama no$zoomer, trus romnya pake translation patchnya absolute zero

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