NDS Bios and Firmware

Update : translated to english due to some request

Playing NDS games using No$gba on the latest (since 2.5 above i guess) doesn’t need to use ‘real’ Nintendo DS bios and firmware anymore. but just in case you wanna go for the ‘ultimate’ perfect bios and firmware emulation on no$gba, doesn’t hurt to keep using the real bios and firmware ^_^ (i didn’t see any difference so far about compability)

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the file included on download are GBABIOS.ROM DSBIOS7.ROM DSBIOS9.ROM and FIRMWARE.BIN, simply put those file inside no$gba folder. if you wanna star emulation using those bios and firmware, go to emulation setting, and change “Reset/STartup entry point” option to “GBA Bios”. and then don’t forget to save changes, and restart emulation.


to play a game (NDS rom) using real bios and firmware, you need to use an encrypted rom. normally, dumped rom (you can find that a lot on the internet), are already decrypted, so you need to get that rom encrypted ‘again’. the application used to encrypt NDS rom can be found on downloaded archive. read teh instruction on how to use it.

Note :
the included firmware are mine, so it got my name on it, my birthday, and any other setting related t me (it use english as main language). you cannot edit and save changes on firmware using no$gba. to change those setting using a hex editor, you can read my other post here

NDS ROM Download ^_^

ehm…. dah punya NDS…. dah ada Emulator, pilihan alat buat maen game udah beragam…

tapi ada satu yang kurang…….. GAK PUNYA GAME-nya !!!!!!!!

TT_TT beli cartridge original NDS bisa tekor neh, per game antara 200 ampe 300 rebu..

pake flash cart (supercard, R4) udah lebih enak, cuman ntar dump rom mesti download lagi… DIMANA ???

ga usah bingung napa ^_^ mampir aja ke 3 website ini buat download :D

Rom Download Site :

  1. Forum Romulation
  2. Nitro Roms
  3. Indowebster.com (search aja judul yang diinginkan, atau cek forumnya)

selamat mencoba

NDS2xGL – maen no$gba dengan 1.5x display size

Temen yang sempat download nocash sempat berkeluh kesah mengenai tampilan yang kecil [1x display]. so ini solusi buat temen2 ^_^

pada saat emulasi DS, nocash blom diimplementasikan 2x or custom size display, tapi bisa kamu tambahin addon NDS2xGL2, ntar ekstrak aja file yang aku sertain ini di folder nocash, kalo mau jalanin emulatornya jalankan nds2xgl2.exe (bukan no$gba.exe) ntar otomatis akan jalanin nocash dengan 2x display size.

ada beberapa pilihan ekstra buat frameskip juga.

klik sini buat donwload

No$GBA versi 2.6

akhirnya yang dinanti-nanti, versi baru emulator Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS NO$GBA telah keluar ^_^

18 December 2007 – version 2.6

  • nds/3d: soft-renderer: uses fast linear color/texture interpolation when w1=w2
  • nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports perspective-correct texture (eg. eragon/demo)
  • nds/3d: soft-renderer: supports perspective-correct rgb color interpolation
  • nds/3d: soft-renderer: picks correct vertex/color/attributes on 1dot polygons
  • nds/3d: soft-renderer: prevents polys at existing/possible x1=256 (off-screen)
  • nds/3d: soft-renderer: allows bigger than possible rear-depth (clubhouse dart)
  • nds/3d/debug: vram viewer correctly shows swap buffers as 1st command in tree
  • nds/3d/help: added note on situations where lower/right edges are excluded
  • nds/3d/help: anti-aliasing doesn´t work with (opaque) lines and wire-frames
  • nds/3d/help: anti-aliasing isn´t used on edge-marked polys/lines/wire-frames Continue reading