No$GBA skinning using NOZ (Translated by setya5785)

tadi pagi iseng2 browsing forum mo nyari update emulator, eh nemu sesuatu buat no$gba :) aplikasi addon namanya NOZ, fungsinay kurang lebih sama kayak NDS2XGL ato myZoom. buat xooming displai. ada beberapa fitur standar lah, kayak perbesaran, filter, dll. tapi ada satu lagi yang menarik, ‘use skin’. nih app bisa make skin buat no$gba. di file yang aku download udah ada satu skin yang cukup bagus dengan base NDSLite putih. anyway, tapi ada satu kelemahannya sih. nih app pure china. yah maklum, aku mang browsing forum china sih. abis downlaod smepat aku bongkar2 dan aku udah translate menu utamanya untuk mempermudah pengoperasian.
perlu diingat, karena NOZ punay 2 mode, skin mode dan mode normal. kalo di kamu berada di skin mode beberapa fungsi ngga akan berfungsi (seperti perbesaran, filter, dll) tapi ga penting deh kalo pas di-skinning tuh fungsi.

English :
earlier today, when i was browsing the forum for emu faq, i found something cool for no$gba. it’s a zooming addon called NOZ. just like the other zooming addon for no$gba such as NDS2XGL or myZoom, it offer extra display option for no$gba. but that’s not the feature i meant when i said ‘cool’. this lovely app also have another feature, skinning, yup skinning ^_^
something that we all have waited for (well, maybe not all, but a little exagerating doesn’t hurt). if skin mode is active, some of the feature like zoom scale, filter aren’t working, not really matter though. since 1x display already give you a clear and sharp image quality.
there’s one major downside though, it’s chinese :| so for those who lucky enough to install asian language support for OS might be able to read the menu (well assuming you know how to read it lol), and lot of you that don’t, you’ll only see gibberish character.
after i get my hand on the app, i’ve managed to translate the menu and change it into english. to make your life easier (including mine ^_^). so feel free to download this lovely app.
all credit goes to Omed (Tenken3) for creating of this lovely app

so spread the love using this translated version

or download the original chinese version at this forum

by request, snapshot menu has been removed. so it won’t encourage noobs to think that snapshot work, since it’s not implemented yet for NDS game in NO$GBA ;)

new version 2.32 translated (click here)


NDS firmware editor by Mudlord

for those who wanna change their NDS firmware (for emulator purpose) don’t have to be worry anymore about dealing with hex editor to edit the firmware (i know a lot of you do, by seeing hit stat on that page).

luskily for you guys out there, there’s mudlord that came to the rescue ^_^ he’s currenty creating firmware editor (work in progress), called NDS FE it hasn’t been released yet, but i personally hope it will be, soon ^_^

he’s kind enough to post me with update of this project of his, so it’s great knowing the project run in a good pace ;)

NDS firmware editor

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Mengatasi Memory Leaking pada Firefox

Sudah jadi rahasia umum FireFox memiliki bug memory leaking. respon yang sangat lambat dan memakan resource memory dalam skala / jumlah yang sangat besar. Berikut ini beberapa trik dan tips untuk mengatasi memory leaking pada FireFox. Sebelum menerapkan, silakan melihaat di task manager seberapa rakus FireFox anda.

Lalu silakan terapkan trik di bawah ini untuk mengatasinya:


  1. Buka new tab pada FF, lalu ketikkan about:config pada address bar.
  2. Klik kanan, lalu pilih New | Integer. Dan buat preference namenya browser.cache.memory.capacity lalu lihat panduan paling bawah masalah kapasitas memory user yang berbeda-beda.
  3. Restart FireFox

Panduan value browser.cache.memory.capacity :
RAM 512MB -> browser.cache.memory.capacity = 14MB
RAM 1GB -> browser.cache.memory.capacity = 18MB
RAM 2GB -> browser.cache.memory.capacity = 24MB
RAM 4GB -> browser.cache.memory.capacity = 30MB


  1. Buka new tab pada FF, lalu ketikkan about:config pada address bar.
  2. Klik kanan, lalu pilih New | Boolean. Dan buat preference namenya config.trim_on_minimize dan beri nilai true.
  3. Restart FireFox

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