Tales of Innocence Walkthrough


Credit goes to the original author of this walkthrough since I (setya5785) didn’t make this walkthrough and only re-publish this walkthrough on pdf and also add item image (only a few that I obtained during my game), this document also have bookmark for easier reading. To get to a certain part of the walkthrough, just look at the bookmark available on the side bar (of your adobe acrobat pdf reader). To make thing even easier for you guys to start playing this game, you can get Tales of Innocence translation patch I made. Just straight on Tales of Innocence translation project page. It’s not much as of now, but I’ll try keep working on the patch whenever I have some free time ^_^

Tales of innocence menu translation patch

Project…….: Tales of Innocence Translation Patch
Release date..: 03 March 2008
Author……..: Setya5785


to apply patch, copy your ‘clean’ untrimmed Tales of Innocence rom into patch folder and then run patchme.bat.
newer patch release are accumulative, in other word, all patch release changes already included in the newest patch so it necessary to use a clean/unpatcher rom each time you wanna patch using a newer release.

Download :
mediafireGBAtemp download section

Update :
since this project pretty much done. if you want better and full translation, i suggest you to browse Absolute Zero’s translation project

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No$gba 2.6a test : Tales of Innocence Screen

no$gba 2.6a test playing Tales of Innocence (JPN

played using outline option turned on, on both nocash and openGL renderer.

nocash renderer give better compability and speed, outline rendered nicely, though still have some mesh glicth, it’s better than the older 2.6 version. while openGL give the best visual, it suffer performance pernalty :| it didn’t render the outline though. some missing image also occure, only in the city, that’s the only glitch i found using openGL, other than that it’s perfectly fine.

Tales of Innocence Title screen

Tales of Innocence Inn

Tales of Innocence City

Tales of Innocence world Map

Tales of Innocence Battle

Tales of Innocence After Battle

(baca juga Tales of innocence translation hack)